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Patterns in the sand.   Discolored photos of a large pile of sand eroding. (Scanned photos)

Scrap.  Most of these photos were taken at a scrap yard. I like the combintation of the discoloration and how the scrap almost becomes like abstract patterns. (Arranged photos on a wall)

Fireworks. A photographed TV broadcasting of a New year celebrations in London.  (Scanned photos)

Yellow green. Another set of discolored images.  (Scanned photos)

Public pool. Several film rolls were taken at a public pool during the winter time.  (Scanned photos)

Driving. I have no idea where I am going when these photos were taken. It was certainly not fun then, but now the cracked car window gives a cool effect. In retrospect, it's a shame that the crack is not visible in all photos. (Scanned photos)

Fences.  I am quite amazed how many of all the photos were on different kind of fences and nets. Here are some of them arranged on a wall.

All work © Louise Swärdshammar 2020