The nexus: Expectant hesitation. Mixed media, 70x100 cm. SOLD


Origin: mid 17th century: from Latin, ‘a binding together’, from nex- ‘bound’, from the verb nectere.
Noun: nexus (plural nexuses or nexus)
1. connection or series of connections linking two or more things.
• a connected group or series.
2. a central or focal point.

We often experience the world as a sequential line through time and space. A movement filled with decisions and actions that relentlessly urges our lives forward, whether we like it or not. Though, at times this mysterious moment occurs when the adamant motion seems to pause for a brief second and we are suddenly looking at everything as from the alongside. The nexus point where faith and opportunity collide, and everything from there on having profoundly changed.

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The nexus: The train has left. It's coming.

The nexus: All those moments left behind without living. Days to come.

God please shine on me. Ink on paper, 50x35 cm.  SOLD

Human nature. Mixed media on panel, 100x70 cm.

Untitled. Drawing on paper, 50x 35 cm.

Untitled. Drawing on paper. 50x35 cm. 

Faraway Nearby. Sketch for a painting. Charcoal on paper, 60x30 cm.

Thistle seeds. Mixed media on paper. 70x50 cm. 

Untitled. Charcoal, dry pastel drawing on kraft paper. 100x70 cm.

Untitled. Charcoal  on  paper. 35x50 cm.

All work © Louise Swärdshammar 2020